Why Wedding Photography…

Why Wedding Photography seems to be so expensive

When someone books a wedding , they may not be aware that our true time commitment to our customer is sometimes , more than 40 hours.

We want our customers to understand that a professional photographer does more than “just shoot and burn a disk”. The wedding day is just part of the beginning.

Our workflow after the wedding is a day or more to process the 600-900 images. Yes, we do check / adjust each image for color balance, exposure, composition, etc as part of our processing. Then, we upload the entire wedding to the internet so family and friends can enjoy the photos.

A few months after the wedding our happily married couple contacts us to go over their initial selection(s) for inclusion into their album and for prints. Many times we meet again and go over the 1st draft list, then select album covers, inserts or work up album page layouts. After the due process the images go “off to the lab” for printing/processing etc. The appointments, lab transportation, phone calls, emails, etc add a significant amount of time to a wedding client/time/process.

Anyway, as you go through the process of selecting your photographer ,please consider how much time and commitment a professional photographer is including in you wedding photography job as you look at the cost for capturing your most special day…your wedding


Anyone can learn how to push the button and take a picture. Wedding photography is the art of knowing WHEN to push the button. It’s about being able to imagine something beautiful in your mind, and then knowing which lens to grab, what settings to use, and how to communicate your ideas to the couple in order to create that beautiful image in the camera. Wedding photography is the art of seeing beauty, in everyday life.

Julio Larregoity
Creative Wedding Photography