Your Photographer

cropped-22.jpgSo, I want a professional to photograph my wedding…What do I do next?

  1. Visit a few photographers.
  2. Look at their sample albums.
  3. Pay attention to your emotional response to the photography and to the photography skills of the photographer.
  4. Look for high technical quality too.
  5. Once you have decided on a photographer whose work has meaning to you, discuss prices, deposits, packages, quantity of pictures and so on.

Fine wedding photography should stand the passage of time, providing years of memories and joy. To me every wedding is different, and yours is the most important one of all!


Simple—talk to the Photographer! Discuss your plans and expectations and ask for advice and feedback. In the end, hire the person with whom you feel the most comfortable. All else being equal, the personality of the photographer will determine if the picture taking is exciting and fun or merely a chore. The right photographer can help make your day run more smoothly.

1. Look for a photographer that you truly like their particular style of photography. Look for a photographer that evokes an emotional response from you with their images.

2. Look for a photographer that you really “click” with personality wise. Make sure it’s someone you can have fun with and truly enjoy working with throughout your special day.

3. Last but not least, of those that meet the above requirements, then and only then shop for price and package options. Set an approximate budget for how much you want to invest in your wedding photography but don’t be afraid to go slightly over if you find the perfect photographer for your specific tastes.


Hopefully this has helped shed some light for you on the field of wedding photography and will help you sort out the range of prices available.

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