Brandy & David’s Wedding | Rincon |Julio Larregoity

This was a very intimate wedding in one of Rincon’s most secret and beautiful locations. In that place were , only the celebrant , Brandy and David and myself. The day was awesome and the couple so happy and cooperative!!! Wish them the best of blessings!!!B&D-1B&D-17B&D-22B&D-29B&D-40B&D-45B&D-46B&D-47B&D-58B&D-66B&D-84B&D-86B&D-110B&D-115B&D-127B&D-137B&D-143B&D-153B&D-170B&D-180B&D-187B&D-202B&D-205B&D-209B&D-218B&D-229B&D-239B&D-245B&D-267B&D-271B&D-278B&D-284B&D-312B&D-343B&D-366B&D-390B&D-402B&D-405B&D-411

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