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The Multifarious Talents of the Modern Wedding Photographer

I came across this on the interweb the other day, and thought it was such a
perfect explanation of what it is that I do, that I had to cut and paste it

From “The Multifarious Talents of the Modern
Wedding Photographer ” by Fritz Liedtke, as seen in Rangefinder Magazine/Wedding and Portrait Professionals

“…Today’s top-notch wedding photographer has to be well versed in almost
every aspect of photography. As portrait artists and fashion photographers, we
must be able to capture elegantly posed images, and yet make them seem fresh and
vibrant. Whether working in the studio with lighting gear, or on location with
natural and artificial light, we have to create a pleasing and well-lit scene.
We have to think on our feet, find appropriate locations, and help our subjects
feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful. And then we have to be a Richard
Avedon, producing magazine cover-ready images.

We also have to be photojournalists. While beautiful portraits are expected,
I find it’s the little details of the day–the stolen glances, the giggling
girls, the outrageous dancers–that really make my customers smile or cry. We
have to capture these moments in every imaginable type of light, indoors and
out, in cavernous cathedrals and dark dance halls, in bright sunlight and
glaring snow. We have to be Henri Cartier-Bresson, capturing several hundred
decisive moments in the space of eight hours…

…Wedding photographers must be able to compose grand scenic, landscape and
architectural shots, capturing the beauty of the venue. We have to arrange still
lifes and products–even macro shots–of details such as cakes, flowers, rings,
tattoos and decorations. If we shoot destination weddings, we have to be
experienced with travel, and travel-related photography. And, of course, we’re
all paparazzi.

A professional wedding photographer must also be a people person… to be
enjoyable to be around, because we’re at the wedding all day long. We have to
smile, make people feel comfortable, coordinate well with other vendors and
occasionally bring ease or laughter to a tense situation…

And in the end, after every wedding is over and the gear is put away, we have
to be able to pull together a cohesive photo essay, well edited and color
corrected, and beautifully laid out in a lovely book, magazine, or DVD. (Which
means we must also be editors, producers, graphic designers and

Oh, I almost forgot. For the professional wedding photographer, there are no
do-overs. No weather-related delays. No reshoots. No reschedules. You have to
know everything and be everything, and have it all in the bag by midnight, when
everyone turns back into pumpkins. Period.”

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